Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Latest Update

Hello, all that are members.
I haven't been posting because I left the project early, as producer. I only returned briefly to play my role of Jacob.
So, as far as I know, they are still editing the film and may be doing reshoots soon. It takes a while for the final edit to be released, be it on DVD or a theatrical release. There are quite a few visual effects which can take some time to finish.
The film has been added to IMDB under "The Glass House (2010)"

My apologies for not knowing more at this time.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watch Out, Playas!!

Left to Right:
Jonas Armstrong as Elek
David Leon as Lajos
Giles Alderson as Dorian

William Hope as Carl Lutz

Andrew Brooke as Captain Vargas

Simon Dutton as Miklos Schoen

Flora Spencer Longhurst

as Rachel

Great Pic by Jeffrey Hawkins

Simon Kunz as Jozsef
Mark Wells as Ferenc

Charles Hubbell as SS Col. Eichmann
Simon Hepworth as Ferenc Szalasi

Ken Bones as Jewish Councilman Stern

Eichmann arrives at
The Majestic Hotel

The Yellow Star Apartment

Hannah Tointon as Hannah

Dan Hembal as SS

Belated Blog

Well, I slacked off on updating the blog. My apologies. I didn't realize more people were interested. So, since the last one, we've been shooting in and around Bucharest. Our first location was actually across the street from our hotel, which was very convenient when arranging travel time. It meant we could get those extra minutes of sleep or breakfast, before going to work. We shot the interiors of the Yellowstar House and our heroes' apartment there. It was an amazing abandoned building, which you could tell, at one time was beautiful. The textures and details of the architecture was wonderful. The art department, again, created an incredibly realistic interior for both script locations. It was like being in a 1940's apartment.
After shooting there for three days, we moved to the CEC Bank, which was used for the Nazi headquarters, both interior and exterior. It was eerie walking around the corner on one of the city's busiest streets and seeing huge, garrison-size Nazi banners hanging from the balcony. Cars were slowing up, people stopping to talk and snap pictures. A very interesting day, shooting the exterior. We had Nazi trucks, with soldiers, 2 motorcycles with sidecars and a stunning, vintage, black Mercedes convertable. It was a fun day.
The next day we spent inside the bank for Col. Eichmann's office. The office was built with rich, dark wood, with a vaulted ceiling which had a lovely painting. Huge paintings of Romanian royalty hung on the walls and little treasures decorated the sideboards and desks.
Next, we moved to Snagov, where we are currently still shooting. It's outside Bucharest by 45 minutes, without traffic. Don't get me started on the traffic.... Let's just say...there's a lot.
Anyway, Snagov is where Castel Film is located, the studio where we are shooting a big portion of our script. On their backlot, there's a city street facade, which we are using for some of the Budapest street locations. Castel has created a facade of the Glass House, which is an important location in our film, hence the title. We've had people getting dragged out, beaten, shot, jumping in and out of vehicles...all kinds of madness.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Mark Wingett as Sorenzi

Tom Bacon as Samuel

Shooting in the Monestary

The Cohen Family

Jonas Armstrong and Mark Wells

Richard Albrecht as Rabbi Cohen

Biertan transformed

Week #1 in Review

We're at the end of the first week of shooting and it's been quite eventful in the Carpathian Mountains. We started in Brezoi for the Labor Camp and bridge sequences, where our heroes escape. Rainy weather caused us to leave Brezoi early and reschedule some of the scenes today. We then trekked out to a small town called Biertan. We shot the Hungarian village exteriors, where our heroes leave their families for the Labor Camp.
While we were shooting in Biertan for a several days, we stayed in Sighsoare, one of Dracula's cities. It's a very old, medieval city where the decendents of the families, from the original city, still dwell.
Anyway, the Art Department transformed the town square of Biertan into an Hungarian village center and market. It was very impressive. We then shot in and around an old monestary. Absolutely beautiful.
After we wrapped in Biertan, we went back to Brezoi to blow up the bridge and the riverbank, one more time. We finished the scenes that were needed to complete the sequence halted by the rain.
We have now arrived in Bucharest where we'll spend the rest of the shoot. It was a very busy and successful week....More to come.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tom Bacon, Jonas Armstrong and Mark Wells

Day #1

Well, we finished the first day of shooting The Glass House. We were in the town of Brezoi, about 3 hours NW of Bucharest. The production team dug railroad tracks that lay in front of a large, metal bridge, which is the setting for the Hungarian labor camp, in our story. The day was full of dry squibs firing, for the effect of bullet hits, from attacking airplanes; a huge explosion from a bomb drop; and stunt performers jumping off the bridge into the river.
We have a wonderfully talented cast. Our lead actor, playing Elek, is Jonas Armstrong. He is known for playing Robin Hood in the UK series, Robin Hood. Mark Wells, also from the UK, is playing Elek's best friend, Ferenc. They are two Jewish Hungarians, caught up in the Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1944. They're sent to a forced labor camp, run by a nasty Hungarian army officer, Sorenzi, played by Mark Wingett. In the camp they meet and befriend, Samuel, played by Tom Bacon. Most of our cast is from the UK and Romania, with a few Americans...I being one of them, later to come.
Our director of photography is Dean Cundey, who shot Jurassic Park, the Back to the Future movies, and Apollo 13, among many others. He is an exceptional artist. There is a lot to learn from Mr. Cundey.
The production team is wonderful, with a blend of US and Romanian personnel. Every one is getting along and working well with each other...a very good sign for the first day. I'll let you know if that still is the case on day 30.
There is so much to explain and unfortunately, I'm not a great writer, so I apologize if I ramble. My entries will most likely be a running train of thought.
I will post pictures as I go through the days.